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How do you spent the end of the world?

There is not novel these days talk about the end of the world. All I saw posters on buildings in major cities anchored. Some smiled ironically, others have begun discussions about those behind the campaign advertising revenues.

American preacher Harold Camping scared the whole world with his words. According to a rather complicated calculation thereof, the world will end on May 21, 2011 at 6 pm. That is somewhere around 4 am, GMT.

Banners have appeared in all major cities of America, to Romania, announced the Day of Judgement. But at a closer look, there are many people who see the world behind an advertising campaign. Family Radio preacher working for the company, which has, ironically, 66 radio stations worldwide. A business based on donations from followers, which topped 120 million dollars.

They were easily some say he's still crazy that heralds the Apocalypse. But the American media and public opinion quickly took his predictions Camping, so that it became impossible to ignore longer.
Every day, former engineer, now 89, speaks to his followers through the station or radio, Family Radio Network, based on donations. And people were so generous, that network has 66 stations, worth about 120 million dollars. And the pockets of those who believe in the theory of Camping was so deep, so they started an advertising campaign in America. More than 2,000 banners have been installed, full of slogans like "Blow the trumpet, warned the world."

"We're not talking about a prom or a wedding or graduation. We talk about the end of the world, about being dead or about to be forever alive forever," said Camping, whose radio emisuni sent to South Africa, Russia and Turkey.

How was camping in his conclusions

After 70 years of studying the Bible, the preacher says it has developed a system that uses mathematics to decipher the hidden prophecies in it. He calculated on 21 May, for then being fulfilled exactly 722,500 days from 1 April 33, day and year in which it is believed that Jesus was crucified. And the 722,500 number is important because it is obtained by multiplying the sacred numbers 5, 10 and 17. "When I learned this, I say, I was crazy," he explained.

Recent events such as earthquakes in Japan, New Zealand and Haiti were only signs, says Camping. "All lies and thefts and sexual perversions that happen in our society Soun something. Just as the gay movement. He was sent by God as a sign of the end", he added.

A second prediction. Why did wrong the first time Camping

It would be a problem. For the first time the preacher is not talking about the second coming of Jesus. On 6 September 1994, hundreds of devotees were gathered in a hall in Alameda, waiting for the return of Christ. "At that time, not to investigate a part of the Bible well. But now we have the chance of further studies and God has given us undeniable evidence that will happen," explains American.

those who are convinced Camping and Adam Larsen, a 32 year old American from Kansas, who left his job to become "ambassador" of the theory. He preaches the end of the world of special buses, which cross America.

UPDATE TODAY 23.05.2011

Revelation soothsayers disappeared without a trace!
American Pastor Harold Camping, 89, who predicted that on May 21, 2011 Revelation will come and that only 2% of Earth's inhabitants will escape, he was wrong again, just as in 1994, now disappeared without trace.

"There is the slightest possibility that I'm wrong now, " said Camping in a few days ago, saying that from the previous forecast that in 1994, calculations are now accurate. There is absolutely nothing happened yet, and those who believed that the Apocalypse comes, abandoning their jobs and sold everything they had, they now ask to Camping's explanations.

But it is soothsayer unavailable, its radio station broadcasting religious music or just old recordings that have no connection with the Day of Judgement. Despite numerous press articles, few people realized that all the madness with the Revelation that had come on May 21 was just a business, a commercial radio station of pastor Harold Camping, one from which he gathered from donations about 100 million euros.

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