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Former CIA: Osama bin Laden died 5 years ago

Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden would not have been killed by Americans, but his disease. Sensational statement was made ​​by former CIA agent Berkan Yashar, on Channel One in Russia.
He said that Americans have simply found and opened the tomb of Al-Qaeda leader.

Yashar's story is but one very interesting. Journalists from Channel One had met him first in 2008. At that time, he participated in the documentary "Caucasus Plan" to talk about Western intelligence attempts to separate the 90 North Caucasus, and especially Chechnya, Russia.

Chechen nationality, Berkan Yashar is now a Turkish politician, but 20 years ago was one of his ideology Djokar Dudayev - Chechnya's dictator from 1990 to 96 when he was branded a terrorist by Russia and settled with a rocket guided cruise last generation even his mobile phone signal. Chechen writes.

Journalists have not looked this time, but he demanded a meeting with them to tell them "the truth about the death of Osama bin Laden, that would be encountered in 92 in Chechnya.

"I was in Chechnya in September 1992 when I first met the man whom he called bin Laden. The meeting took place in a two-story building in Grozny. On the upper floor was Gamsakhurdia's family, then President Georgia, who had been expelled from his country.

Berkan Yashar was hired in time for Radio Liberty and already had a code name, Abubakar, given by U.S. intelligence. Since that time, says politician, Chechen leaders have always appeared in Osama's entourage. Protect, and this trust them. According to Yashar, was not the only one who knew it - and American and Russian services knew exactly where Osama is.

Berkan Yashar said he knew "personally that the Chechens who have protected (Sami Mahmood Ayub and) was with him until the end. End and I remember that perfectly, says the secret agent -" were three of six in her: 26/06/2006. Those people, as well as two Britons and two Americans - saw all dying of disease. Was all skin and bone, washed him and buried him, "says Berkan Yashar.

Yashar argues that although his guards saw Hosanna dead, the military did not attend the funeral. Three Chechen buried him, according to his will, "said the politician. Bin Laden was taken in the mountains of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan.

"I know the operation inside the U.S.: they found the grave, they dug up on bin Laden and told everyone about it. They needed to show everyone how it works and the latest technology so they control everything step by step. Then the President declared a great victory to show platittorilor tax money that does not give alms, "Yashar ended.

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