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With a documentary about two hours, Free Energy - The Race to Zero Point, triple award - Aurora Gold Award, Profit Producers' Award and Telly Award - directed by Christopher Toussaint produced by Harry DeLigter from Lightworks Audio & Video and presented Bill Jenkins, from ABC Radio, reopen a sensitive subject, treated in part documentary on cold fusion, that of non-conventional energy sources, designed to liberate us from the dangerous trap of fossil fuels and nuclear fission reactions, whose residues are completely choke planet, if we decide, as soon as possible by a fundamental change in the economic vision and scientific approach to energy sector.
The film can open your eyes to all the skeptics, in good faith, making a comprehensive history of inventors and inventions that were distant in time, Newtonian physics, from Faraday, Maxwell, Tesla and Schauberger and ending with the current pioneers of electromagnetism, antigravitaţiei and cold fusion, revealing, in passing, that's right, and the persecutions they were subjected to these heretics, governments and businessmen who want to maintain permanent control of all energy sources worldwide, because we must not forget that bureaucracy the State, massive energy funds and the politicians are bought, the home of major corporations in the area, which they finance election campaigns.
I can not help but notice the presence of dubious documentaries dedicated to the free energy and UFO, the brand of former astronauts, who are known to be high-ranking Masons, for example:
1. Edgar Mitchell, "the sixth astronaut to walk on the Moon", a member of the masonic order of DeMolay International, posing the proponent of the UFO phenomenon, although it was quite clearly exposed by David Sereda, his first documentary on this phenomenon , As an impostor to protect the interests of NASA;
2. Brian Todd O'Leary, the first astronaut selected for an eventual human mission personnel, that would have to be launched to Mars, which we can confirm that control of these areas by those who orchestrates the great mystification of modern materialistic science .
Around the same category might fall and Albert Einstein, of which about plagiarism, what came to be known as the theory of relativity was written well enough the theory that, personally, I consider it an attempt to deviate the attention the zero point energy, by imposing a fanciful theories, proved impossible to forecast means, officially speaking, instead of practical evidence capture this energy, Tesla's inventions.

Dangerousness of the area addressed by Nikola Tesla, is established and the immediate reaction of the dog house of Rothschild family, JP Morgan, who blocked all the research, bringing it into bankruptcy, the same jerk to bank management that bears his name, we owe the three major world financial crises: the 1907, 1929 and 2008.
Those who do not realize how powerful and effective censorship may be occult world in an attempt to maintain global energy monopoly, to remind the exception to the rule: in only 13 years of isolation, the so-called political and scientific Modi, Nazis hallucinating developed a philosophy (the theory of Hans Horbiger eternal ice) and a more advanced science than all the achievements of their contemporaries - V1 and V2 ballistic missiles, the team from Peenemunde, guided by Wernher von Braun led by General Walter Dornberger, chemistry synthetic gasoline, the research team of Dr. Heinz Fischer and radar and infrared detectors, do not forget, space technology based on the principles of Vril, Haunebu ship type and Andromeda, which link the name of Viktor Schauberger, recalled the faith documentar.Contrar common in a society based on selfish financial interests, like ours, "science" can only oppose progress, since abandoning the current paradigm career means "academic" long, went to the dogs and, especially, the loss of jobs labor and huge profits and, of course, energy independence is too much for the man rând.Pe the other hand, in the context of side effects of cold fusion reaction, production of precious metals by "alchemy" would be extremely dangerous in a monetary system, their value is determined by their scarcity, real or forced, because it would guarantee non-discriminatory access to such resources, eliminating a monopoly of basic financial

Using high electromagnetic frequencies to transform matter, are consistent with theories that the so-called matter is nothing more than very low frequency energy, in the same sense, we all know that the passage of substances in solid state in the liquid or vapor, is done with energy intake, which has no other effect than increasing the frequency of vibration of atoms in the composition of that substance - so there is logic and it seems that now we have the technical means necessary for fulfillment of such goals, Reserved for centuries, only alchemical legends.

The concept of zero point energy, very fond of movies or serial fiction filmmakers, like Stargate, refers, in fact, at the minimum level of energy that a physical system in quantum mechanics, it may have, this being the ground state energy.
All systems exhibit quantum fluctuations, even in the ground state and the associated zero-point energy due to interactions caused by the wave nature, according to Werner Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, which dictates the presence of this energy even near zero temperature absolute.
The concept was developed in Germany, Albert Einstein and Otto Stern in 1913, based on a formula devised by Max Planck in 1900, itself coming from the German word "Nullpunktsenergie.
Cumulative, we can talk about a state of vacuum energy, which is the result of zero point energy summation of all the fields in space: electromagnetic, gravitational, fermions, Higgs, strong and weak nuclear forces, etc.

Mathematically converted into units of mass, starting from the 10 to the power of 107 joules / cm cube, using the formula E = mc2, we obtain an approximate value of the density of the vacuum, a point the Planck length, 10 to the power of 96 kg / cubic centimeter - a huge amount that is mentioned and Nassim Haramein in the conference, Crossing the Event Horizon, which brings to mind forever and that he uses that argument, saying that it is actually a mass singularităţi.În Finally, the concept of zero point energy removed by the perpetual complaints brought galonaţilor academic community, producing free energy devices that are designed, in fact, open systems, not closed, apparently surplus energy generated from the extraction and energies that point.
Returning to the documentary, making an overview of issues inventors or runaway or not treated by the authors:

1. Bruce Eldridge De Palma (1935-1997), elder brother of the renowned film director Brian De Palma is a well-known figure in the community of free energy.

Electrical engineer, graduate of Harvard in 1958, he taught physics at MIT for 15 years.

He developed the concept of N-Machine in 1977, together with other devices, of which at least one anti-gravitational manifest characteristics.
The engine is actually a pole generator, based on the Faraday disc, which can produce five times more energy than you consume.

2. Paramahamsa Tewari (1937), 1958 graduate of the Banaras Engineering College, India, has held leadership positions in organizations involved in most nuclear projects, the Department of Atomic Energy, India.

Allied Bruce's constant, is the inventor of the Space Power Generator, the same functional principle and N-Machine and declared a return of 200%.

3. Thomas Henry Moray (1892 - 1974) was an inventor from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Its generator, valve Moray, have a power generation of about 50,000 watts, with no apparent consumption.

In the '30s Moray, complained repeatedly that he and his family were threatened, and the lab was robbed them were fired, to block investigations and public demonstrations.

4. Walter Russell (1871 - 1963) was a multidisciplinary engineer, painter, sculptor and architect, best known for his unified theory of physics and cosmogony, which states essentially that the universe was founded on a unifying principle of energy exchange Rhythmical, balanced.

His research on the periodic table of elements, leading to the theoretical discovery of chemical elements unknown at the time (plutonium, deuterium and tritium), heavy water and the chemical elements Transuranium, which remained undiscovered until now.

His theories on the fundamental principles of energy dynamics, material development and progression of the nature of matter, have virtually put up a new science, which one Nikola Tesla, deeply impressed, advised him to hide for a thousand years until the world will be ready .

5. Paul Pantone (1950) is an American from Detroit, inventor of Geet fuel processor (Global Environmental Energy Technology) with which, automobile engines can run on a mixture containing even 80% water.

He became an example of terrible abuses of the authorities and businessmen, against inventors who can revolutionize existing technologies today.

Paul Pantone has designed and developed experimental engines that reduce fuel consumption by about 50-70% and reduce emissions of pollutants plus gas emissions by about 90%.

Paul Pantone's system of energy efficiency, developed over a period of 25 years, has been patented, but he refused to sell the license for this technology, which, in turn, posted it on the internet to be used oricine.Concomitent with this refusal, he was the target of a frame-ups, after which he was accused of fraud by the authorities and interned in a psychiatric asylum in the U.S. state of Utah, on the grounds that only a mentally ill can be argued that internal combustion engines can run on water.
The engine's thermodynamic approach to transforming ideas that should bring the temperature of combustion gases to the environment to achieve maximum efficiency.

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