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Foreign Legion soldier

For generations, the French Foreign Legion army romance was presented as a haven for men seeking a second chance in life. But as legions of fact? Adventurer and explorer Bear Grylls Sahara starts to learn. Along with 11 other volunteers from former criminals to businessmen unlucky, Bear is enrolled for a month of hard training in a former Foreign Legion fort in Western Sahara.

This is a documentary film are reproduced Legion rigors of basic instruction itself - one of the most harsh and painful physical and psychological tests by which man can pass.

Foreign Legion (Legion étrangère French) is a unit of French Army, which was founded in 1831 by a decree of Louis-Philippe of France. It was created for foreign volunteers who, after the French Revolution of July 1830 were not allowed to join the French army.

They are led by French officers and citizens today are accepted and the French Republic, which currently make up 24% of the total number of recruits. In 2009, the Guard had about 7,700 soldiers, and its headquarters are in Aubagne.

Foreign Legion is one of the most popular and well-paid army of mercenaries from around the world. It is actually a branch of the French army, and there 165 years, during which time he formed the aura of "homeland"of those who forget the past, to start a new life. A career military career, the perfect soldier of the 21st century. Often, young people are enrolled in the French Legion because of personal problems, poor social or political conditions in the country of origin. Do not be generalized, but there were few cases were before the current Legionnaires' tough guys of the districts, with records and years spent in "jail. " According to a literature initialed "Legion Etrangere, when you got into the Legion branch no longer interested in what you were before arriving in France. "You could be anything, priest, monk or thief highwaymen. Once accepted, for you no more privacy, family, or else, there is one thing - camaraderie. Code of Honor is the bible that every Legionary must comply strictly with death. Dictum "Legio Patria Nostra", translated means "The Legion is our Homeland. "

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