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Mysterious treasure island

Ile-aux-Chenes is a mysterious island. For two centuries is still talking about a treasure that would find here. But after 200 years of digging with the most improved techniques, a few deaths, it is not known hiding at Oak Island off Nova Scotia

It is the most bizarre treasure houses of the islands on the planet. It knows where to find the treasure, but not containing! And especially do not know who built the most ingenious traps that could have ever created by man.

n 1795, Daniel McGinnis, a teenager who lived on the continent and partridges hunting is fun on this island, he spotted a ship block hanging on a branch. Even as she noticed a slight bump in the ground, as if someone had made ​​a hole there. Worried that it was a treasure acuns there some time, by pirates, and ran to give his friends the news. A few feet deep, they came across some stone slabs arranged. They rose and were eagerly looking contunuat. At 3 meters (10 feet) over the second platform have balls made ​​of oak. He pulled and continued to dig for several days.

On March 6, they found a new platform, and another 9. And as she was again Tamping earth, clay and rocks. Children inteleles these platforms served to divide the weight of tons of earth. But 9 yards of excavation was too much for them so they abandoned the work and stayed that way until 1804. A company has resumed work done by children and excavations have continued, revealing the layers of silt and other platforms beating, and even carbon fiber coco!

On the 9th platform, 27 meters, the first interesting discovery: a heavy stone slab, marked on reverse with an inscription in an indecipherable language. When workers have reached 33 meters, they stopped because it gets dark outside. The next day, surprise: the well is three-quarters filled with water. How come? Nobody knows. But especially why were not immediately filled with water wells?

For several weeks people have brought water with buckets and makeshift pump without the water level to drop to succeed. The following spring they did well with one another hoping to seize the treasure from the bottom. They coboart at 37 meters and then headed to pit the Treasury. But when they reached the water erupted with force, and workers have barely escaped. The second shaft was flooded. Water gushed that arose when a box as if it represented a kind of stopper. Wells were constructed it extremely ingenious system of communicating vessels? Work was abandoned and resumed only in 1849. This time was not digging, but was forced to know everything there was to the bottom. The first confirmed hopes the resulting feedback mad: After exceeding 110 feet of drill tarversat 10 cm of wood (probably a treasure chest?) And penetrated the metal.
When he found out drill samples were oak and what appeared to be three gold braids. It was the first time when it was likely that something valuable background alpha. Worried that they finally descopetit tazaurului room, seekers have continued to work with greater assiduity. But they managed to draw water from wells, even with pumps.
In the summer of 1850, they have decided therefore to drill another well in order to facilitate pumping. They dug up to 36 meters. Suddenly, the disaster: in less than 20 minutes, the well was filled with water at the same level as the other! Only this time a worker had the idea to sample water from the well: it was salty. So it was not from sea water and underground. So the shaft was connected with the sea, so it was not surprising that not arrived to pump!

A few meters from there to find a place to escape aputea water at low tide, sand traverand. Workers have removed the sand and people immediately noticed the beach was covered with pails and a compact layer of rocks, seaweed and coconut fiber cococs. In other words, someone has turned 45 meters from the beach in foam, then covered it with sand. The beach was completely artificial!
But that was not all: five underground drain pipes covered some large pails and flat rocks leading to the entrance of a tunnel. At high tide, the water seep through these five pipelines and tunnel in the direction of the Treasury could. And plugs assumption proved true: If someone would have raised platforms wells would have really great way to fill their water.
Mysterious builders of this ingenious system they did everything humanly possible for any intruder to reach the treasure. But who are these ingenious builders? Experts believe that for this work would have hundreds of workers for 6 months. Or the legion was not retained any recollection of such an activity. I never found any trace that the island was inhabited.
Since the mid-nineteenth century until today, over 10 companies have tried to take possession of the mysterious treasure of Ile-aux-Chenes. All were contruntat groundwater flooding problems. Some people even died. In 1987, five holes were drilled into the soil, where they have placed dynamite along the presumed direction of irrigation tunnel that brings water from high up in wells. Water was pumped successfully for the first time in 1990. Then he resumed drilling.
At 50 feet, the drill tip has encountered an obstacle: 17.5 inches of what looked like cement. Under ciement were 10 cm of wood, then a meter of metal, wood and cement again. There seemed to be a canopy of two meters. Drilling continued and multiplied. After weeks of work, people could not locate the original shaft, but already cheltuisera $ 115,000 so that the new shareholders have decided to abandon the work.
Neither their successors have not been more successful. In fact, no work has become more difficult today because the island was pierced so much that it turned a lot. Nobody knows where you find the original wells. But as builders do not even have a clue. Yet excavations continue. The current search engines are those of the company Triton Alliance, which continued digging in 1997. But not yet found anything on the island ...

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