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Fraud century - bottled water

Bottled water industry has, in recent decades, an enormous stake. This documentary, produced by Stephanie Soechtig, bottled water seeks the big money and big corporations reveals how the industry affects community life brutally. People are seen as mere pawns, powerless, cargo transforming primary substance of the planet.

Most people link the concept of health and drinking water, marketing, creating a connection between health and bottled water. It is, however, a false association, because the plastic containers are deeply damaging, because the manufacturing process, which involves the use of neurotoxic or carcinogenic chemicals. Also, bottled water tests done by independent laboratories revealed the presence of the so-called pure water, which we sold almost 2,000 times more expensive than tap water, other toxic compounds, like toluene and styrene, A responsible genetic mutations and thus the proliferation of cancer.

Often, Bottles of water from the same source as tap water

Water in plastic or glass containers of various sizes, shapes and colors: the whole civilized world has gotten used to take his vital fluid of the trade. Never mind that the big bottling companies take their water from the same place of origin and water for large cities to get to each tap in each apartment. Convenience until recently seemed to have won, even with the exorbitant prices - a bottle of bottled water costs 4,000 times more than the same amount of water taken from the tap.

Now, with economic recession, the Americans (after a while it is even considered trendy to take you everywhere "Petula" water from remote areas such as faces in Ireland) declared war on bottled water to drink, a phenomenon annual U.S. is filled with billions of plastic bottles - a disaster for the environment. For example, only in a small town in Connecticut, that the football team decided to refill bottles with tap water has meant, according to Le Monde, an annual saving of 1800 plastic bottles and at least as many U.S. dollars .

There is still more until the entire population of America and Europe may be convinced that it is beneficial for the environment to begin to use tap water for drinking (in the U.S. still consumes more bottled water annually than beer and milk together, production last year reached only 34 billion gallons, which means a profit of 12 billion dollars for large companies in the field), but the mayors of some cities have joined civic initiatives. Thus, the model of City Hall in San Francisco and one in Minneapolis, several U.S. cities have banned bottled water purchases for civil servants - were saved in this way not less than $ 500,000 annually in each city! Associations of students from across America are trying to do the same in the universities.

Some restaurants have mastered the idea immediately and now refuse to serve customers with water brought in bottles. Even church urges its followers to give up that luxury so dramatic effects on the environment.

17 million barrels of oil annually for bottled water wasted

In the midst of the oil consumption problem with this luxury, often unnecessarily, becomes acute. The calculation is again simple - just in California is "discharged" the annual one billion plastic bottles - an amount that would break a planet in 1000 years. This failing to take into account immediate danger - remove toxic additives in these PET, which reach the ground water ... exactly! This and that, in one of the most advanced economies, not only 16% of the recycled plastic bottles. Studies show that bottled water is the same quality as the "Municipal", which reaches taps (since many take their water bottling companies, even in the same tank, possibly a filter and adds certain substances such as salt), or in some cases Has a lower quality than tap water. In addition, a single liter of mineral water takes three liters of water are normal.

Eventually, taking into account the energy needed to produce bottled water, the costs related to transport, cooling, and then advertise for disposal of plastic, a plastic bottle full of water equals a quart of oil (more especially that annually consumes around 17 million barrels of oil for its production, which also translates into 2.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions). In Europe, there is only one such initiative - the regional water company in the Flemish region will sell bottled tap water to demonstrate that the region's tap water is drinkable and safe but also cheaper and "friendly " environment.

Bottled water scam-century (Documentary)

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