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Cannabis cancer treatment?

Could substances found in marijuana to prevent or even cure cancer? Regulatory properties of cannabinoids could replace drugs, chemotherapy and radiation which are immense harm the human body?

Scientists world-class research cannabinoid substances have made ​​some amazing discoveries, which bring in a different light for such treatment. This online documentary subtitled explains that all people are born with some form of cannabinoid substances in the body and that when consuming cannabinoids, the two substances are combined, destroying cancer cells without harm. The documentary, narrated by actor Peter Coyote, new questions arise about the future of medicine.

Cannabis - a generic name for three related species, Cannabis sativa, indica and ruderalis - proved to be an extremely complex herb, with over 400 chemical compounds, all with more than beneficial effects on the human body.
One of the basic components, THC, or delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, was isolated for the first time in 1964, Raphael Mechoulam and Yechiel Gaon (who also appears in the documentary) from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel and do not forget that All Weizmann Institute - along with two departments of Bar-Ilan University - analyzed the components of the ointment (Shemen Afarshimon) and incense (Ha Ketoret) used in the Holy of Holies (Beit HaMikdash) by those approaching the Ark of the Covenant, ingredients discovered in the caves of Qumran Vendyl Jones, according to information from the Copper Scrolls, it is possible that just the presence of THC, the composition of holy ointment, have aroused the interest of both researchers, this plant extremely important for us.
Raphael Mechoulam making a statement with which I disagree, however, considering this cannabinoids in the plant, a simple evolutionary problem and again I find myself compelled to fight "theory" Darwin Mason materialist, arguing two experiments by Bruce Lipton more relevant than genetic arguments for the exclusion of so-called evolutionary, in any conversation:
1. A first experiment performed with stem cells, genetically identical, but placed in three culture vessels have been subjected to different environmental conditions have led to the creation by these three different types of tissue: bone, muscle and fat .

Experiment excludes the idea of ​​genetically predeterminismului conclusion, which argues that DNA inherited parent is one who dictates the home, further development, since, based on absolutely identical cells, obtained results were quite different, only because of factors environment.
2. A second experiment, subjected to the same bacteria in five identical environments, the same environmental conditions, all developing exactly the same genetic mutations to survive outdoor conditions.
Experiment demolishes the Darwinian theory of evolution based, that genetic mutations are just random, the most "successful" being selected by natural evolution, to be subsequently transmitted to offspring.

A human complementary perfect plant, through all its chemical composition, in a time of civilization when it is being overwhelmed by free radicals, pollutants, and especially pharmaceutical drugs, it seems too much to be coincidental and, on the other hand, I hope to be cleared up once and the problem of complex interactions - treated tangentially in the documentary - of endocanabinoizi and neurotransmitters that we have said, once, that are related to DMT, dopamine and serotonin.
Marijuana is present with man from time immemorial, one of the oldest attestation of about 5,000 years, originating in Romania, where they were discovered in an ancient tomb, a bowl of cannabis seeds and charcoal, the combination of the two "articles" saying more about their purpose, a fact that contradicts the official theory of the spread of this plant only in the Asian area and is not excluded that kapnobatai old, to be used to smoke marijuana to induce trances.

Since 1937, under U.S. pressure, the corporation Satan, almost all countries in the world have restricted or banned the use of marijuana and nine ordinary mortals, we still have only two options: either to end up in torment - in terms of a global epidemic of cancer , but unrecognized - or take a chance to eat and live healthy ... in prisons.
With marijuana, hemp was demonized and seemingly inexplicable considering the more than 25,000 industrial products, which can have at home, if not picked to start in his life than Harry Anslinger, former Commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Prohibition, could not be left on the road being named to relegalizarea alcohol, first chief commissioner of the Treasury and the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, after which, no U.S. president will not be able to dezlipească him for 32 years.
High "power" of racial impersonation, is given by a marriage, inspired by Martha Denniston Kind, granddaughter of Treasury Secretary Andrew J. Mellon, America's richest man, who had massive investments in new miracle chemical fiber, nylon site and, of course, given competition superior products, from hemp, it terribly disturbing.
Such a scammer has to do is another way to get rid of hemp and cannabis, but to invent "qualities" of drug, marijuana, which becomes, suddenly, the wonder drug, a poison used only good African-American and Latin - in his view - although the world's largest talent and forced to falsify statistics lies in the mass media, it could not prove any death caused by marijuana for thousands of years, it really is insignificant toxicity as and you will see the film.
In fact, the "therapeutic ratio" of 1000:1 THC is incomparably high in relation to alcohol (10:1), cocaine (15:1) or heroin (6:1), the toxicity of THC significantly below that of caffeine.
Currently, the DEA acknowledges the beneficial effects of THC (because otherwise it would not get assassins chemical, pharmaceutical industry, approving the sale of Marinol, which has managed to kill several people in the meantime) argued, maintaining prohibition, the harm smoking.
Hmmm ... What else can smoke and causes 400,000 deaths annually in the U.S. alone, and 5 million worldwide, but continues to be sold at every street corner without mincinoasele governments 'humanitarian', to outrage the longer the effect on our health?

In support of this theory to the silly - born out of nowhere, between 1937 and 1942, cannabis toxicity renamed derogatory, marijuana - the most of the international pharmaceutical and medical device - with the notable exceptions mentioned in the documentary - I think we all known, self-sufficiency stupid those doctors who live with the feeling that science has stopped them, which simply can not even talk on a topic related to their profession because they do not consider yourself qualified and worthy to talk about such subject.
I came to feel deep revulsion for the word science and all associations with it - "a man of science, scientific research etc. - because it is more than obvious that what is in our books can be classified as anything else, but not science: propaganda, disinformation, lies and all possible synonyms, George Bernard Shaw with absolutely right to say:
"As a child I was forced to abandon my education ... to go to school."

Weather for years, I was both amazed and saddened by the inability of "science" to discover the current effective cure for cancer, despite the huge funds allocated from the official start of the "war" Cancer by WHO and the UN the middle of last century.
And now we learn astonished that these lepers academic, not only were bloated, for decades on account of misfortune convicted on one of the most humiliating and painful death, gathering wealth and sensational headlines, but they jackals bastards - I forgive the poor and innocent animals, which do you compare sin - have always known that there is a simple elixir, and fought hard to outlaw their infected, filling the jails with those who have dared to break the embargo and leaving to die in terrible agony, tens of millions of innocent beings.

It says it is Christian to forgive and not judge and you do exactly ... the day after, these criminals dementia, with white coats and they make the game miserable politicians will have disappeared from the face of the earth, preferably from the same unforgiving disease.

help us God!

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