sâmbătă, 14 mai 2011

Extremely rare alignment of four planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter

Although the planet Venus is usually seen in the sky morning this week they can be seen in the vicinity of Jupiter, Mercury and Mars, because of an alignment will not happen until 2040.

All four planets change their position, and by May 31 will appear as a line, write dailymail.co.uk.

Until then, the four planets will create different shapes in their alignment. For example, today, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will form an almost equilateral triangle, and on May 20, Venus, Mars and Mercury will form another triangle.

Mars, Venus and Mercury will change their position very much over this period, while Jupiter will move very little and seemed at a distance from the other three planets.

Convergence is a phenomenon caused by Earth's position and how the planets revolve around the sun.

According to astronomers, stellar event is difficult to see because the planets come out shortly before the sun to appear in the sky.
Today's event will be visible in the skies of Australia, consisting of four planets in alignment with Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Mars. The event is eagerly awaited anxiously by the astronomers and some residents of Earth.

Align the four planets, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Mars, which happens only once every 50 to 100 years will occur before sunrise, according to the Sydney Observatory.

"Each line determines which happens two or three planets are close, but there is an alignment of four planets is a very rare special case," said Geoffrey Wyatt, an Australian researcher at the Observatory.

Astronomer can not tell how people will affect the alignment of planets, astronomical point of view, but is convinced that a mosquito's buzz that it affects more than those in the room will affect our planet on Friday.

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