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Truth About Herbal life

"Experience over 28 years on the market ',' number 1 in the wellness', 'offices in over 67 countries', over 60 million customers worldwide."
This description can be read daily on all sites dealing with online recruitment. Several times on the same site. In the right box should appear where the employing company's name can only read the mysterious 'Confidential' or any name of authorized natural person benefiting from the first ads posted free of charge. Benefits are presented as 'reputation' company 'monthly earnings of $ 300-500 for a part-time involvement (for 8-20 hours per week) or more than $ 800 for a full-time involvement'!

Candidates apply shy and neicrezatori-reliance: it can not be called to interview lucky by such company. The surprise came the next day: an invitation to interview is an interview held usually in a room with dozens of people and where there are all the kinds of people dressed in suits who said they had quit their well-paid job in bank just because there win 10 times more. Next Act No. 2: older people who say that which a society should not be started if not consumed Herbalife products, or others who have halved the number of pounds after a few months. After eating this act, which at first was in the room too small, there remain about a quarter of total candidates. Those who leave the hosts displays an ironic smile, as if they discovered an important secret. The remaining opportunities are explained: become distributors of Herbalife products, which could bring huge amounts of money and unprecedented benefits, say employers.

To better understand the context in which we are, it is better to follow the company along anilor.Fondata in 1980 by Mark Hughes (a big fan of its products cosumator, found dead at the age of 44 years in the house was, in blood were found traces of alcohol, sleeping pills and ephedra very dangerous-substance used by Herbalife at the time), the company has over 2 million distributors. In 1987 the company paid $ 850,000 State of California to give up civilian complaints about fasificarea medical results have been used to promote certain products. In the same year were withdrawn from the market two products: Tang Quei Plus for menstrual cramps and K-8 to relieve stress. A study published in 2001 in New England Journal of Medicine concluded that a new substance used Herbalife ephedra, may affect blood pressure, cause heart disease, seizures and even death. FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) reported over 100 deaths among users of ephedra. Following these events, Herbalife stopped its inclusion in nutritional supplements. The latest issue of the company dating from April 2008 when the Spanish Health Ministry has recommended caution in the use of all Herbalife products company, since it found cases of hepatitis associated with consumption of Herbalife. It was found that there is no clinical evidence on the benefits of diet by Herbalife products, in conclusion consumer uses his own risk.

What profit is still secret? It would be unfair not to mention the main advantages of those who are convinced to become a dealer: small start-up costs, minimal risks, the experience is not necessary. Then, the sponsor (ie Herbalife) trying to sell solid products distributor in the first two months even arguing that investment will recover within 2 months and you can not promote a product if you yourself do not try. Otherwise, as confirmed by many people, selling products is almost impossible. Why? First Herbalife products are at least 30% more expensive than similar products as ingredients and effect but bearing different names. Secondly there have been many negative reactions from about consumers, the main objection being that if it succeeds in removing the x kg, after 2 or 3 months assimilated diet (with or without stopping) 2 * x kilograms.

In conclusion, the recommendation is to think about the reader than the fact that when a product is consumed at your own risk, in case you experience serious side effects or disastrous effects one can not be held responsible for lack of collateral and the imprimatur of institutions abillitate

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