joi, 2 iunie 2011

Talking on a cell phone cause brain cancer!It's official!

Many of us almost no longer imagine life without talking on the phone. But as of this activity is essential, and as it is dangerous! In this respect, for the first time, the World Health Organization (WHO) made ​​an official warning: radiation cell phones cause cancer!
A team of 31 scientists from 14 countries examined in the period May 24 to 31, more specialized studies and experiments to determine the severity of exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields.

Jonathan Samet of the University of South Carolina, USA, Chairman of the Working Group, contends that existing data are sufficiently strong to fit the effects of talking on the cell category increased cancer risk. Actual results of the study and a series of recommendations will be made ​​public just over a month.

Previous research shows however that the risks of brain tumors are 40% higher for those who talk on cell, on average 30 minutes per day for ten years. WHO includes mobile phones in the same class of carcinogens that are also ... gasoline vapors!

Pregnant women, forbidden to mobile

Radiation emitted by mobile not only favor the development of cancer and tumors, but negative effects on cognitive function of the brain, because the phone is held to the ear in the temporal lobe. "It is recommended to avoid using mobile phones by people younger than 14 years by pregnant women. At night, do not leave her bedside phone, as will certainly influence the nerve structures. Low frequency electromagnetic waves are extremely dangerous, since increased risk of brain tumors, "

So we can defend against radiation

How cell phones can not give up i'll give you a few tips that will protect you

• use hands-free sites, which can be found easily in shops, for all types of phone. Hands-free sites can be wired or wireless and regardless of their type of gift to take you away from the radiation emitted by mobile;

• communicate, as often as possible, written messages, even though they cost more than conversation. Ultimately, health is more important than money;
• Do not sleep with her bedside handset even if you tend to use it as a clock;
• Do not keep it in your breast pocket, because radiation may affect the heart, 4 if you do not have hands-free talking on the speaker;
• Try not to speak more than two minutes, but talk, the more you are more exposed to radiation;
• Do not hold your phone to your ear while you wait to answer the person you called, because at that moment the phone sounds the strongest signal;
• Try to keep as far away from your body. If you keep it at 5 cm from the head while talking, reduce electromagnetic radiation by 75%.
• hold the phone off at night;
• phones only when you give a strong signal. Mobiles automatically increase their power when the signal is weak and puts you further electromagnetic radiation

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  1. Nice I also share with you something hope this helpful for you As a rule of thumb signal strength falls off in proportion to the square of the distance to the source. So if you double the distance to the source, which is the cell phone to your head, your potential exposure would be four times less, since two squared is four. Airtube headsets are the safest way of increasing this distance. They are comprised of a part-wired cable and part air tube, which makes it so that the electrical signal is converted into harmless airwaves. An airtube type hands free kit can reduce radiation significantly and it is much safer than bluetooth. Check it out thanks.