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Ten phenomen that could not be explained until now

Are around us, happening around us and many we have lived without giving too much importance. Are so common that we consider part of our everyday life, forgetting that science has failed when he had to explain. Are puzzling, are scary and are so tightly closed in case their mystery that probably will not ever reveal secrets. They are phenomena whose explanation has been offered so far, and this despite hundreds of experiments and studies conducted by scientists from around the world. Below we present 10 of the best known such strange happenings ...

To date have been documented over 90 cases worldwide in which amphibians live in housing compounds were discovered coal or stone. In 40 of them was about frogs or tadpoles. Researchers have documented such cases say batracians were covered with mucus and grew in white skin, a reaction that light deprivation. What is really shocking is that animals, once came into contact with air, came back to life, even if briefly. In most cases the subjects died within 24-72 hours, although there are mentions of exceptions in which the animals survived indefinitely.

Logically, it is impossible for a living, especially when it involves a vertebrate to survive thousands or even millions of years - as needed for the formation of rocks - starved of oxygen, food and water in an airtight shell stone or coal. A possible explanation would be that according to which amphibians may slow their body functions so much that it can survive for months without the necessary elements of life. In addition, the same amphibians should have to enter into some type of bank, able to solidify quickly when dealing with highly mineralized water. Yet, not all cases found fulfilling these conditions. The fact is that the phenomenon is more common than we might imagine ...

9. Peripheral images captured by the human eye

The phenomenon was first described in the sixteenth century by alchemist Jacob Bohme, and presented as a capacity to surprise people enigmatic figures and silhouettes, like some shadow, the eye corner. Figures have, in most cases, human shapes, dark, and very agile. The truth is that almost everyone has experienced this feeling at least once in life, and such observations were accompanied by restlessness, chills and just feeling that something unusual happened. Scientists have suggested that as such feelings are false perceptions or hallucinations short, but could not explain why they occur.

It is possible that in his attempt to play the reality, the human brain to transmit false information, in terms of its analysis capabilities, and thus also appear strange sensations. There are few voices that say, however, that people are able to decipher the "realities" of a parallel dimension. Centuries ago, a tributary to superstitions and beliefs opinion argued that dark silhouette weather that sometimes occurs is nothing but death, and hence to the emergence of interpretations to support the same figure is a messenger whose role is to carry the soul of the deceased in the afterlife, a soul or a demon lost between dimensions malicious was not only a step. In reality, no one can explain why most people live like sensations ...

8. Impossible traces
As archaeologists, and paleontologists or simple amateur dinosaur traces found embedded in stone. Such traces were formed over millions or tens of millions of years after the huge animal had stepped on a soft ground which, over time, solidified turning into stone. Nothing unusual so far on this natural process. Mystery with the discovery appears in several archaeological sites along the tracks of dinosaurs ... human traces. The most famous site is Paluxy, site located near Glen Rose, Texas, USA. Here, old tracks with almost 100 million years of dinosaur footprints are found clear as possible of a man. The controversies are even more heated as in the data we have, it is impossible for a man to have lived during the giant reptiles dinozauriene. In fact, people have now emerged about 200,000 years, when the last dinosaurs gave their end after nearly 65 million years. Yet how to explain such steps? Well, scientists do not want to discuss the possibility of coexisting authenticity of such-dinozauriene umano. They consider it a well planned hoax, and this despite the fact that identical traces were found in sites in Antelope Spring, Nevada and Stinnet, Texas.

7. People who disappear without a trace
In every corner of the world there are people who disappear without trace every day. Just try a simple Internet search to see the proportions of this phenomenon. Some of the missing are eventually found, but most of them disappear forever. Not the people we cover, but over here. More bizarre is the disappearance of people in front of tens or hundreds of witnesses. There are currently hundreds of testimonials on the people who disappear, just as if it would volatilize in front of an audience. There is no apparent reason of their disappearance, most were satisfied with the life they led, had families and gave no signs of depression that pushes the reckless acts. Yet, whether they were on the street as a jog to park or working in the field, people have gone in front of at least one witness. The theme was already taken several productions hollywodiene but scientists could not offer any plausible explanation so far ...

6. Scratches and bruises that appear out of nowhere
Have you ever awakened in the morning to watch as you body scratches or bruises occurring without prior explanation? Well, then you are among the hundreds of millions of people who have the same thing happened. In fact, there are so many such cases that have appeared on internet forums where people post photos specialist with wounds that appeared out of nowhere and try to find a plausible explanation. Most of us put these injuries due to insect bites, allergic reactions of a, of blows that have not noticed during the day or on behalf of uncontrolled movements during sleep. Most times, scratches disappear after a few hours or days, no complications and are not taken into account. Yet people constantly suffering due to such injuries, have undergone repeated tests to find the cause bizarre phenomenon. Even if you slept with rubber gloves, if the whole house was cleaned of insects and even if the subjects in question did not have allergies, injuries continued to occur. It is well known in Britain for a woman who asked to be monitored during sleep to determine if they produced only wounds. No this time could not provide an explanation ...

Doctors have advanced the hypothesis of this disease of the skin, Pityriasis Rosea, but this interpretation has not found a real foundation. Obviously, we can not accept any theories on this phantasmagoric demons, goblins or Incubus and Succubus ancient that some authors believe it would be mysterious signs. The fact is that this, although extremely common, remain a mystery for all those who tried to decipher the mysteries.

5. Natural infrasound

Infrasound are described as any audio frequency lower than 20Hz - the frequency that can be perceived by the human ear, there is no doubt about their existence. Moreover, they can be detected and even created by modern technology. Can travel huge distances and are often associated with natural phenomena such as volcanic eruptions or earthquakes. This may be why some animals can predict the production of such natural disasters. Studies have shown, however, that human exposure to infrasound can cause depression, fear, anxiety and panic attacks. Some researchers have even advanced the idea that the frequency of 19Hz is generally associated with paranormal phenomena and that can lead to hallucinations. If the source is sufficiently strong infrasound vibrations printed objects may leave feeling that they move themselves and even if the glass, they break. Although infrasound weapons have been used as psychological or methods to boost crowds of people, studies to date have failed to explain their origin nor the full effects that has on living organisms.

4. Hessdalen lights

Strange phenomen for most of us are held daily in the sky. Most have already found a scientific explanation while others defy, like any logic. The phenomenon to which we refer today became known in Norway, in the eastern city Hessdalen, where, since 1940, began to make their appearance in the sky light balls that seem to ignite in air, which takes only a few fractions of a second. Their intensity increased dramatically in the 1980s, so much that there were even 20 such appearances a week.

Although their number has decreased in recent years, globes of fire is still current sky appearances Norway and this despite the lack of a plausible explanation. The lights resemble some pockets of gas in the air suddenly turn but takes more than just sparkle of a match or a lighter. Dozens of theories, assuming portals and alien to much umanele gas or electrical charge, were advanced, none of the hypotheses because of failing to fully explain this phenomenon. In fact, the phenomenon resembles globular lightning no less mysterious, the difference being that the lights on the Hessdalen are much slower and takes more than lightning in question.

3. Sliding through time
According to the great physicist of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein, time is not as stable as we think most of us. As human beings, we have adjusted the time and we have established programs daily depending on the time you know, our life is entirely governed by time but ... However, there are exceptions to this rule.

Obviously, the phenomenon to which we refer has not been experienced by most of us, but testimony to support its existence are not few. To be more precise, we will try to explain briefly what happens. You ever feel like going into a place not to recognize any of your time, moreover, the feeling that you live to be that you are years or even centuries ago? Some such phenomena associated with ghosting or portals to make the connection between the size of our universe.

In general, such "visions" does not last more than a few minutes and are considered generally simple hallucinations. And yet, the reports mention such experiences are quite numerous. One of the best known cases is that the British lived Archie Carmichael, a character who, in 1953, he entered a cafe in the village of Cotswold. The man was shocked to see that people were dressed after a fashion cafe old at least 100 years and more, no one seemed to notice her presence. It lasted several minutes, until the Archie Carmichael found himself in the arms of a bartender who already had called the ambulance, concerned about his client state. Other evidence beyond any doubt talk about ghostly armies crossing the ancient battlefields, much of obsolete aircraft still sky above the location of old overflies airport or interiors of centuries-old buildings that, for a few seconds, become again what were hundreds of years ago. Although accepted in the scientific world, no such phenomena could not be clarified until now.

2. Hiperperception

Most people experience at least hiperperception once or twice in their lives. Similar to the feeling of deja vu, hiperperception differs from it by its duration and the intensity of feelings at that moment. It can be defined by the knowledge that a person can remember and when contact with a place or an object that never had to do. Compared with the feeling of deja vu or slip over time hiperperception states give rise to growing gradually and sometimes leading to the emergence of sharp memories about events which never took place.

Often it happened that people visiting castles or fortresses to remember the interior that they had seen no never, statues had been moved centuries ago or more no longer existed long before the persons to be born. Even if they have not been explained by scientists, states of hiperperception are accepted and sometimes associated with the phenomenon of clairvoyance ...

1.Deja vu sensation

Over 70% of Earth's population claims to have experienced at least once, a strange sense of familiarity to things that normally would have to be completely unknown. A first visit to a shop where everything seems already known, which give the impression that a discussion has taken place, although it never happened again, or a familiar face who in reality is seen for the first time are just some of the unexplained symptoms, but considered normal, the sensation of deja vu.

Because feelings of deja vu symptoms are not announced and do not last more than 30 seconds, the phenomenon itself is extremely difficult to study. One of the first scientists who tried a deepening sense of mystery was Sigmund Freud. It has seen false memories result of unconscious memory suppression by the human brain in the face of traumatic experiences lived at an early age. Moreover, the phenomenon described by Freud, called paramnezie was generally accepted for a long period of the twentieth century, until that déjà vu is back to the attention of scientists.

One of the most popular theory is supported by a research psychiatrist at Duke University Alan Brown of the United States and his colleague, Dr. Elizabeth Marsh, a theory known as the theory of distributive attention or subliminal messages. In one test conducted by two scientists, they presented a group of students a series of photographs of places that none of the subjects no longer had ever seen. Shortly before starting the tests, the researchers bombarded with subliminal messages actually - images that did not last more than 10-20 milliseconds (enough for a person's brain can be recorded image, but not enough to it to be conscious), some students participated in the experiment. The result was subjected to subliminal messages that people said they had a strange sense of familiarity to the images of photos, although it was normally impossible.

Yet, despite the more than 100 years of studies of deja vu phenomenon, scientists recognize that issued in the last century theories are not sufficient to explain the mysterious sensations. Perhaps future technology or understanding extremely complicated human brain can lead to total clarification of these phenomena. Until then, the struggle between science and pseudoscience can leave room for any.

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