miercuri, 1 iunie 2011

Slaughterhouses death in Indonesia. "There is blood everywhere. The animals die in agony '

A documentary about the horrible conditions in which cattle are slaughtered in abattoirs in Indonesia has sparked a wave of outrage in Australia. The government in Canberra has responded promptly suspending exports of livestock to slaughterhouses in question.
Peak is the defending citing Indonesian Religion: Islam requires the animal to be conscious when killed, and be allowed to drain all the blood and explained the Ministry of Agriculture.

Australian animal rights activists went to 11 randomly selected slaughterhouses in Indonesia. They wanted to know how animals are slaughtered in this country, because almost half of the cattle imported from Indonesia come from Australia.

What he saw made ​​the hair stand on end. Animals bullied, beaten and killed without little kindness, with many stab wounds. Most agonizing minutes in a row. The documentary reveals completely free and cruelty: cows with broken legs, eyes, nostrils removed or cut. No wonder the Australians have been horrified.

The Australian Government has complied with promptly, suspending exports of live animals to slaughterhouses in the documentary and other slaughterhouses from a survey of Indonesia.

That is beyond money: exports of cattle to Indonesia amounted to 350 million dollars per year. Australia has exported over 6.5 million cattle in Indonesia over the past 20 years.

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