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Top 10 false myths about Moon

Top 10 mituri false despre Luna

protector, patron saint of wine harvests and good, but crazy and capricious, able to arouse in us good instincts "locked". Always, around the moon have spun the most bizarre superstitions, some consider responsible for earthquakes and epileptic seizures, others put them in cases of the most terrible crimes. At 40 years after landing, there then and those convinced that the moon, in fact, never set foot man.

10. Dogs, thieves and assassins: the moon's fault

Aside from stories with werewolves, many believe that Full Moon stimulates antisocial behavior and crime. In 2007, Andy Parr, a British police inspector in Sussex, we ask for in his major-degree special reinforcements to patrol in full moon nights, when, he says, multiply significantly violent episodes. "Based on my experience of 20 years as a police officer, I can say that in full moon nights we are dealing with people with strange behavior, angry and quarrelsome," he told the BBC.
British policeman is not far from the first denounced the relationship between lunar phases and the growth of violent episodes. He tried the same thing 30 years before Arnold Lieber, American psychologist, author of a study that analyzed more than 11,000 assaults recorded in Florida within five years. Most, according to psychologist, occurred in full moon nights.
Moreover, studies on the effects of bizarre natural satellite of our planet's position relative to the Sun is not limited to those on humans. Some swear that amplify full moon and animal aggression, which would download the "nerves" biting the left and right, anything that moves. Between 1997 and 1999, few doctors in Bradford, United Kingdom, analyzed more than 1,600 cases of animal bites and such, let alone concluded that the probability of being "punched" the best friend of man doubles in these nights .
Verdict: FALSE! In fact, research on this subject are contradictory: any study "positive" corresponds to deny another. And ultimately, the research on this topic not convince the scientific community. More specifically, not convinced Ivan Kelly, James Rotton and Roger Culver, three researchers in 1996 examined 100 studies on the effects of the Moon's phases - an operation called a technical term "meta-analysis," identifying them a lot statistical and methodological errors.
There is no rate increase in aggression or nights full moon according to a study that analyzed 500,000 cases of domestic violence recorded in 1999 in North Carolina. And even animals do not appear to suffer adverse effects: in fact, according to a study by researchers at the University of Sydney, the only "boom" of the bites are recorded during the Christmas holidays. So, without any connection with the moon phases, but only people to detonate firecrackers habit.

9. Months of gall

Are you sick and you have a headache? All Moon could be to blame, specifically tides. There are many ready to put the attractive bet the moon can move oceans not only water but also that of the human body. Moreover, many diseases in the past "mysterious", such as depression, paranoia or epilepsy were attributed to the vagaries of the moon.
No wonder, then, that in the not too distant time, came and those interested to provide a "scientific basis" of these superstitions. In a controversial study on the effects of the full moon, the same Arnold Lieber examined more than 25,000 registered psychiatric emergencies in Florida over 13 years, and concluded that most occurred during the first quarter (after New Moon ).
And madness is just the tip of the iceberg. Patna Medical College doctors at Hospital in India, for example, between 1976 and 1979 examined 800 admissions of patients who have self-administered poisonous substance. Most have provided them, they did so in full moon nights.
Verdict: FALSE! On most doctors, these studies make them smile. First of all because the moon exerts force on our body is very weak. Even a mosquito, American astronomer George Abell argued, placed on the arm of a man, would exert a gravitational pull higher. Then, our body fluids are not free to fluctuate as ocean water: water in the body is "bottled" in tissues.
Ultimately, the only effect of exercise on the moon seems truly upon us is the power of suggestion: according to a study published in the journal Epilepsy & Behavior 2004 in the only epileptic seizures which multiply in the Full Moon periods are false . Caused by brain dysfunction that is not, but psychotic episodes.

8. Full moon, empty bottle

Sounds like "Sewing white", but people who truly believe that their drunkenness "colossal" could have been caused by the influence of "perverse" the same full moon. After facing fines for traffic and alcohol tests of 16,000 motorists caught on the roads of Germany intoxicated, two researchers claimed Germans in early 2001 as the Full Moon is what pushes drivers to drink excessively and then to get behind the wheel.
Verdict: FALSE! For most scientists, however, the phases of the moon can not make streets and highways on Earth leads rally at the discretion of intoxicated persons. Nor depress him to have drunk drivers.
The discovery of the two, announced the fuss in the Sunday Times, was quickly exposed as a lie rough: Jan Willem Nienhuys, a Dutch mathematician, discovered several methodological errors in the study of researchers, including the lack of statistical data analysis .

7. Earth and Moon
On March 27, 1964, an earthquake measuring 9.2 on the Richter scale shakes Alaska. Over 130 people die crushed under the rubble and tsunami because of the violence that follows it. Earth begins to shake early in the morning during high tide.
On 26 December 2004, an earthquake recorded off Sumatra in Indonesia, where 30 meters causes flood coasts of India and surrounding areas. 300.0000 than people not escape. It is morning and the Moon is not seen. But is full.
Coincidences? Not according to British researchers, convinced that, moving tides, Full Moon and soothe growing tension in the seabed Alternatively, triggering earthquakes. The issue is the center of fierce debates decades science

Verdict: FALSE! They say the moon so that movements can trigger tsunamis and earthquakes. There really is no concrete data to confirm the close relationship dntre moon and seismic phenomena. Even if the action of the moon, combined with the Sun, causing near normal tides and so-called "high ground" of the crust of light oscillations undetectable to the naked eye, but could according to some, to represent the classic "drop" that "fill" (and so on-off) cup earthquakes. Skeptics still remember the mass of the Moon is about 80 times smaller than the Earth. Little to unleash disasters of such proportions.
6.Monthly marketing

Not look like when the Moon is decreasing, says a word of farmers centuries old and a peek moon phases in order to ensure a good wine and fertile crops. In recent years the issue has turned into a "monthly marketing" all power in the word: two of the largest supermarket chains in Britain organizes its wine tasting based on "indications" of the calendar.

Verdict: FALSE! All are but simple superstition, given the checks and rigorous scientific studies have not confirmed the effectiveness never, therefore supplied only pseudoscientific beliefs, such as under the moonlight which would be able to trigger photosynthesis chlorophyll..
In reality, provide the experts, the Moon is too low brightness to trigger biochemical reactions that complicated. The much smaller movements of plants can turn to its light - so-called "phototropism" - with a capacity lower than that of the Sun net anyway. And even the gravitational pull of the moon can influence the internal side of agricultural products. Rather, according to Jamie Goode oenological "slight differences in taste the same wine from one day to another can depend on variations in atmospheric pressure."
5. Luna Wall Street

Nobody said it would not have any responsibility regarding the current economic crisis. But the Moon, according to financial analysts, would play a key role in determining the Exchange global driving. One said two different studies, presented in 2006 in Harvard Business Review magazine, according to which, in the week preceding and immediately following the New Moon, average profits per equity markets would be higher than in the other half of the month. And this strange law, according to the authors, would be available all over the world.
Verdict: FALSE! In reality, experts say to follow the whims of the Moon does not pay: the Stock Exchange, to see first appreciable financial gain players must engage in constant and launch long-term operations. And in fact, none of the studies did not go so far to explain specifically how Luna might influence the evolution of financial markets. However, according to New York Times, their authors and could be based on the belief elucubratiile (less scientific) that the moon can affect the mood of investors, making them more optimistic or more pessimistic.
What is certain is that until the present moment has not appeared in any news media about some lucky rich from ... Moon. In fact, some "emotional" in the business world there is: it happens that when the market "shudders" prey optimism, investors have a tendency to buy and when in crisis and share prices fall, prefer to sell. Losing a lot of money. But it has nothing to do with the moon.

4. Dry and damaged hair?

Trim it into the night with full moon: it will grow healthier and stronger. Or change the shampoo. Firmly convinced of the benefits of the full moon on clients hair in a few years ago an enterprising businessman in Rome to give thought to hit City Hall and requested a dispensation to keep their salon open until 12.00 at night. "I feel the need to express myself artistically in the hours when the Moon is full. It's a free market can not inhibit an individual initiative, "said Vittorio Giunta in a prestigious New York Times interview.
Verdict: FALSE! Behind the Moon, professional associations in Italy have not detected but only a "smell" of unfair competition. For beyond the legends, there is no link between increased human hairiness and position relative to Earth Moon and Sun. As I said already, its object lunar influence is too weak to make plants grow or ferment wine. What to talk about how that might act on biochemical phenomena that govern hair growth!

3. Sex in the moonlight

The ancient Babylonians believed that the moon can affect fertility. And after more than 2,000 years, some still believe this; psychiatrist Eugen Jonas Slovak for example, who studied the moon phases has developed a method of birth control eccentric. According to Jonas, a favorable position of the moon during a sexual intercourse and allows even sterile women to become pregnant, in addition, can reduce the risk of miscarriage and even predict a baby's gender before it is conceived. The same technique, provided it can also be used "to the contrary" to avoid unwanted pregnancy without using contraceptives.

Verdict: FALSE! Such theories that I come unglued members of the scientific community. Births, and have children and therefore, are distributed "fairly" during the monthly cycle. Moon has no connection with the appearance of a child on earth. However, the only launches (with help) in collective orgies when the moon shines in the sky are corals of Australia's Great Barrier, which in full moon nights begin to reproduce in the table, perfectly synchronized, due to the activity of photo-special receptors sensitive to wavelengths emitted by the moon.
2. Dark Side of the Moon

Moon always shows the same "face". And what else could they hide in the unseen than the mysterious alien to? Close to Earth, but safe from prying eyes. According to proponents of this theory the most bitter, it would be just why the 1972 until today nobody has set foot on the moon. Last cosmonauts who made it - the crew of Apollo 17 - would be seen there's something good to hold on. The same thing that I must be determined and researchers at NASA to design an orbital space station, instead of a well-anchored to the ground every month.
Verdict: FALSE! Be it a fascinating theory, but it sure is fancy as possible. On the side of the Moon is not nothing so interesting: just a barren and cratered landscape very similar to the "obrajorului" I have already learned monthly to know. A shows images recorded since 1959 by the Soviet spacecraft Luna 3. And direct testimonies of the astronauts on Apollo 8, first during a reconnaissance flight around the moon in 1968, could see with their eyes "the dark side of the moon."
1. Was or was not?

Where is Neil Armstrong On July 20, 1969? In a secret refuge, located in a comfortable armchair, watching the first movie that starred. At the landing on the moon. Nevada desert, Area 51: Aliens of the burial chamber, the military, and film set. This is where, according to supporters of this conspiracy theory, the most famous film was shot of all time: landing that would never have occurred.
Behind the big step for humanity would not therefore find than mastery of Stanley Kubrick, who had directed the grand "fitting" with special effects. Hard to believe? Not for 6% of Americans strongly believe the evil intentions of the American space agency, according to a survey conducted some years ago.
Verdict: FALSE! Beyond the physical issues, even a simple observation "Empire" can remove this theory. How could the rulers of NASA to organize such a "mount" without Russian secret services and the press do not realize anything for 40 years? It would have been even more complicated than going to the moon.

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